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Wednesday, August 26 !@#$% 11:14 AM

Hey people! A friend of mine had really itchy fingers and she kinda changed all my templates. And now guess what!? I've lost all my links! SO EVERYONE, PLEASE LEAVE YOUR LINKS AT MY TAGBOARD, SO THAT I CAN RELINK ALL OF YOU BACK! Thanks people!

Friday, August 14 !@#$% 10:21 PM
awesome days! haha whoohooo!

ytd hosted DMIT talentime! was super fun! haha and i kinda forgot how fun it was to host dmit events! hahaha

the DMIT people were absolutely fantastic! hahaha

today went out with russell, celebrated his birthday, wanted to watch Hangover but no time, cus i needed to get back to support my friends performing for CASS talentime! haha

CASS talentime was also fantastic! hahaha SP COMPERES TOTALLY ROCKS MAN! haha

and then i came back and i read my emails and i found out that i'm the winner for this plastic diet contest. They were around foodcourt 2, 5, and 6 going around getting pledges and taking pictures of you guys posing with the whiteboards.

WINNER #1 !!! mega awesome i tell you! hahaha

Tuesday, August 11 !@#$% 3:21 AM
long day! haha

Stayed up with M and Tiffany and friends who were Doing their MMR assignment tgt. BEST OF LUCK M! hahahha

Monday, August 10 !@#$% 12:39 PM
and again, she reminds me of the bad times

This indian girl is the reason i am the person i am today and she is the reason i had a rough secondary school life. for those who know my story, i now give you a face. This girl was my first love, and she is the reason i dont completely trust indian girls anymore. THANKS KHAYATHRI!

Saturday, August 8 !@#$% 4:50 PM

Today went down to Yishun for filming with iskandar, ridhwan and Jerome! was super fun but super hot at the same time! ridhwan learnt how to ride a bike, and taught us how to dunk ( refer to Facebook for videos ^^)